Storming, rainy sky.

Bill was watching fighting on TV and then out of nowhere there was a thunderous struck of lightning.

He looked out the window shivering in fear and all he could hear was the sound of a deer. He called for his mum but there was no reply he said to the deer “oh my, oh my”

Bill ran outside and looked at the cold black sky and helped the deer come inside. Once the deer was safely inside he gave it a rug and said sleep tight.

The next morning the sun lit up the sky, the storm had left without saying goodbye. Bill woke up and looked outside the window, the storm had disappeared then he flopped back onto his pillow.


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Connecting through Commenting

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From my point of view commenting on other peoples blogs and posts is very important so they know what they are doing well and what they need t work on. It is a great way to get to know new people and see if you have anything in common with each other. I love reading my comments and seeing other peoples opinions and interests. If you want to check out more about me click on the link below!

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All About Me

Hi, my name is Georgia and I am 11 years old. I live in Adelaide South Australia and I am in year 6 with Ms. Brockwell as my teacher. When I am not at school I like to dance and I also like to do water sports including wakeboarding, wake surfing, and kneeboarding I also love to scuba dive. My blog is going to be about things I enjoy to do. Thankyou

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100 word writing chllenge

Walking through the peaceful rainforest clear your mind and let the sound of birds and the smell of fresh rain take you to deep relaxation. First breathe deeply and feel your feet sinking into the moist dirt every step you take. As the cold breeze blows feel the wild, strong wind touching your goose bumps. As a result of this you should feel calm and very relaxed. Every step you take remember there are footsteps trailing behind you in the puddles. Coming to the end of the path finally stop. Lastly count every single raindrop that is left behind you.